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7 Amazing Benefits of Teletherapy for Your Family

1. Provides More Convenience

Because teletherapy can be done from anywhere with a stable internet connection, you can receive therapy for your child when it is most convenient for you. No one wants to wait hours in a clinic, especially parents with busy schedules, and what adds more fuel to this fire is that kids can easily become impatient and refuse to cooperate.

With teletherapy, you don’t have to worry about any of these inconveniences, as your therapy sessions are always just a click away.

2. Removes Travel Expense

Usually, speech and occupational therapists recommend more than one session per week. So you have to drive many times to the clinic — which can add up in the long run.

Since you don’t have to be physically present in the same room as your therapist, teletherapy can save you a good amount of travel expenses.

3. Improves Timeliness

Raise your hand if you have been late to a therapy session because of one of the following reasons:

  • You ran low on gas.
  • You got lost on your way.
  • You got stuck in a traffic jam.

With teletherapy, you never face any of these issues because you don’t have to go to your therapist’s clinic. Simply click

4. Increases Consistency and Regularity

Attending teletherapy sessions has much fewer obstacles than face-to-face therapy.

Dropping off your child to a therapist and then picking him up is a time-consuming duty. At times, office meetings and work commitments won’t allow you to take your child to therapy.

Furthermore, obstacles like small ailments, extreme weather conditions, and vehicle breakdowns can result in cancellation of therapy sessions.

Online therapy eliminates all of those obstacles, and hence improves your regularity and consistency.

5. Gives You a Wider Choice of Speech Therapists

Have you heard of a speech therapist who is exceptionally good with children, but you cannot approach them because their clinic is far away?

Since distance is no issue in teletherapy, this limitation does not exist. So with teletherapy, you get a wider choice of speech therapists.

Furthermore, online therapy provides an option for people living in remote areas where there aren’t many, if any, experienced therapists available.

So if you live in a remote location, then all you need is a strong and stable internet connection to find the therapist of your choice.

6. Technology is Engaging for Kids

Children love technology! New research indicates that children attend better through multi-media online formats. As a result, teletherapy enables them to make progress toward their functional goals and avoid regression in a way that is highly engaging.

7. Avoid Regression and Make Progress

Children that stop participating in therapy are at higher risk to regress in their progress toward their goals. This results in needing more therapy in the long run and your child missing out on meeting their developmental milestones. 

Link: https://therapytreeaz.com/7-benefits-of-teletherapy/ 

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