Integration Services

Integration Services

Exceptional children may encounter challenges in school, often associated with specific disorders they may have. It’s important to recognize that these children have unique needs and are entitled to accommodations that facilitate their access to appropriate education in the least restrictive environment.

At MIND, we employ a specialized approach to enable SEN children to thrive in mainstream schools. Our goal is to provide the necessary support and strategies that allow these children to fully participate and excel in their educational journey. Through our tailored interventions and collaborative efforts, we strive to bridge the gap between a child’s individual needs and the inclusive environment of a mainstream school, creating a nurturing and inclusive environment that promotes their overall growth and well-being.

MIND has successfully integrated numerous students with SEN needs into mainstream schools! Below is only a sample of some of our children that were successfully integrated into mainstream classrooms.

Successful Integration of SEN Students:

Names Diagnosis Nationality Gender Age Integrated to
R.Y ASD India Female 8y 0m Pearling Season International School
I.S ASD Russia Male 8y 3m Pearling Season International School
M.H GDD Pakistan Male 8y 0m Newton International School
H.W ASD United Kingdom Male 7y 7m Sherborne Qatar
N.A.N GDD Qatari Female 7y 9m Little Academy Nursery
S.N.A.M ASD/LD Qatari Male 9y 0m Vision International School
O.A.M PSY/BX Jordan Male 6y 7m Newton International School
M.K ASD Qatari Female 8y 5m GEMS American Academy
L.A ASD Kenya Female 8y 3m Pearling Season International School
A.S.A.M GDD Qatari Male 6y 6m Dokhan International School
F.M.A.J ASD Qatari Female 6y 0m Renad Academy
A. A.K ASD Qatari Male 4y 10m Qatar Academy Al Wakrah
H.M GDD Tanzania Male 5y 4m Pearling Season International School
M.A.M ASD Qatari Female 7y 2m Renad Academy
R.D ASD Ukraine Male 4y 4m Pearling Season International School
J.A ASD United Kingdom Male 4y 4m Hamilton International School
H.A GDD India Male 3y 11m King’s College Doha
R.N ASD United Kingdom Male 4y 1m Oryx International School
H.M.A.K ASD Qatari Female 4y 4m Sherborne Autism International School

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