Mind Institute's Summer Program

As the academic year comes to an end, our summer program is the perfect transition to a fun-filled and proactive routine. The Summer Programs at Mind Center and Mind Institute are all about exposing children, adolescents, and young adults to a nurturing creative environment where each individual is encouraged to freely explore and delve into aspects of their interest. Children and adults alike require social and emotional education and community and civic involvement to succeed in life. Therefore, our summer program, backed by professionally trained staff, ensures the development of positive self-esteem, proper values, and a healthy lifestyle through constructive learning programs. We strive to encourage each individual to reach their full potential.

A brief about our programs:


Our summer program has always been something children look forward to as they enjoy exciting indoor and outdoor activities along with one-on-one sessions with Special Educators. We focus on providing children with a structured learning environment with the freedom to learn and play to boost independence and confidence. We also incorporate opportunities for socializing with peers as it results in positive self-esteem and improved social skills.

Some of the activities your child will love to indulge in this summer include; Colour wars (exploring through colour), Swimming activities, Camp Olympics, Sensory and Gross Motor Play, Music & Movement, and Learning all things ‘Healthy’.


Summer is also a great time for young adults to find opportunities to learn new skills and experiences in a much-relaxed environment where they can get their creative juices flowing. Our Creative Camp for young adults is the perfect spot to pursue new interests, improve existing skills, and make new friends.

Creative Camp will include culinary arts, creative writing workshops, board games, reading clubs, physical activities, computer programs, and one-on-one counselling sessions.

Our summer program runs from June – August. For a memorable and productive summer, please register today!

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