Understanding the Communication Skills

Communication skills can be described as the ability to express ourselves clearly and confidently in all aspects and areas of our lives. Communication is for transferring information to other people and understand what is said to us, producing greater understanding among people.

Good communication skills will possibly guarantee better understandings among individuals, lessen conflicts and create harmonious atmosphere in many situations. On the contrary, poor communication skills may lead to frequent misunderstanding, frustration and conflicts among people.

What is communication for kids?

Children begin communicating fairly early, since the moment they are born into this world, letting our mothers know they arrived from our first cry. Later on, children must learn how to talk to delve into the human society, to convey their ideas to other people and understand what information others want to transfer to them.

Typically, there are 3 main types of communication in human beings: verbal (with speech), nonverbal (no speech but gestures) and visual. They consist of numerous other skills such as listening, speaking, observing and empathizing; therefore, it is not easy to be a good communicator. That is why parents and school teachers should intervene to develop communication skills in children. While helping children to develop effective communication skills from his young age, you are equipping them straightaway with a vital skill set to build a successful future.

Why Are Communication Skills Important in Child Development?

It is said that having strong communication skills facilitate us in various facets of life, in both personal and professional aspects. Communication skill may take a lifetime to master and it is essential that parents start teaching their children how to communicate well early on for them to be capable of receiving and transferring information effectively.

There are many reasons why communication skills have become more and more important for children to master in recent years:

With effective communication skills, children will be able to express themselves clearly to get their ideas across to other people and to be understood by others. It is also essential that children learn how to communicate not only effectively but also politely so they know how to respect other people and will be respected by others.

Communication skills can stimulate other important skills to develop such as listening, speaking, observing and sequencing and they are all vital combo skill sets in the development phase of children. A kid who can properly communicate verbally seem to be strong at producing written communications as well, which can greatly help him to achieve better academic results.

Communication skills may affect your children life happiness considering that they have to build up social relationship with other people in this big world. With great communication skills, children may find it easier to make friends, connect with their peers, maintain relationship and resolve conflicts.

Kids equipped with good communication skills can feel more at ease to share their problems and express their feelings, as a result, parents and school teachers may well receive the verbal signals from them that they are in need of help. Thus, we can provide them help just in time for them to overcome their problems, improve their mental health, fixing their behavioral disorders such as depression, social withdrawal, low self-esteem.

Which types of Communication skills children should master?

As mentioned before, there are 3 main types of communication in human beings, including verbal (with speech), nonverbal (no speech but gestures) and visual. Interestingly, children are expected to master all these 3 types of communication skills because they are all equally vital to children throughout their lives.

Firstly, verbal communication is always required given that we have to speak appropriately with other people to deliver the content of the talk and tailor our language to your audience and to work well in a group. It is vital that kids need to learn to speak properly and clearly to be successful in their lives. In the future, being able to communicate with employers, colleagues and business partners is very important, no matter what company or career your children work in.

Secondly, nonverbal gestures are also important for children to capture in order to become good communicators. Children should be taught to maintain eye contact while talking with the person they are conversing to show that they are interested in the conversation and respect the other.

Also, expressing some body languages while talking can be a good way to express the ideas better. It is expected that kids know how to use some body languages to make their talk more attractive and vivid such as using facial expressions, hand gestures, smile and nod.

Thirdly, visual communication skills greatly involve in the use of visual aids which can be read or viewed for ideas and information to be conveyed. To be more specific, children are expected to develop communication skills by learning to write clearly and concisely, to draw graphs, charts, maps, books, posters, package design, etc.

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