Vocational Bridge

Vocational Bridge - Mind Center for Special Needs

The vocational bridge is a day program that includes three divisions.

Vocational training and employment

  • career planning
  • prevocational training 
  • supported employment 

Daily living activities

    •  personal hygiene
    •  cooking and meal preparation
    •  food safety
    •  health and fitness
    •  cleaning 
    • virtual Skills
    • social media etiquette and skills

Community experience

  • Shopping
  • book clubs
  • trips to supermarket 
  • visits to parks 
  • Leisure activities: i.e. swimming, cinema, bowling
  • attendance at sport or music events

MCSN will help individuals develop a resume, complete employment applications, train for interviews, receive and use assistive technology to manage their communication, and network with potential employers. Community-Based Support and Individual Support will be coordinated where and when feasible through networking with local authorities.

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