Virtual Intervention Program

What are your 3-5-year-old child’s development goals?

The early years lay the foundations for school-based learning to come. Goals to achieve are:

  • Cutting with scissors, good pencil grasp, coloring, letters, and number formation
  • The ability to sit and listen attentively for a while
  • Ability to separate from parents and self-soothing
  • Ability to share, take turns problem solve, play skills and make friends
  • Identify letters, numbers, and shapes along with sound associations
  • Daily living skills and independence
  • Develop imagination and creativity

If your child is not reaching age-appropriate goals, early intervention is the key, and our program is the best opportunity to close gaps in development.

How can your 3 to 5-year-old child learn during COVID19?

Mind Institute’s Virtual Intervention Program brings sought-after specialists into your home along with offering the experiences and activities needed to provide your child with age-appropriate skills in the five primary domains of social, cognitive, academic, and daily living skills. Through our customized online sessions and the weekly kits that we hand deliver to your doorsteps, you would be able to present your preschool child with a language-rich environment, a variety of sensory-rich stimulation, and hands-on opportunities to explore essential concepts increasing their learning efficiency and capacity. Our online sessions are comprehensive and provide your child with access to a multidisciplinary team of specialists, including Special Educators, Speech and Language Therapists, Psychologists, and Occupational Therapists.
Our unique model fosters the family’s ability to promote your child’s development through coaching from our specialist team. We teach parents how to carryover strategies outside of sessions, which is imperative to a child’s developmental progress.

Your role as a parent

Your role as a parent would be to structure your child’s day and help with the transition between the activities. Specifically, parents are asked to:

  • Wake up at the same time each day, change your child’s pajamas, and eat breakfast to establish a daily routine.
  • Provide a quiet room with natural light, a desk, and a comfortable chair.
  • Make sure you have a working computer or a laptop and internet. Ensure your computer has a camera, request a test run with your therapist if necessary, be sure that the speed of your internet is fast.
  • Ensure that your child has the materials needed for that day (from the kit that we deliver to your home)
  • Stay close to your child to monitor if any help is needed, don’t expect for them to be seated through the whole session, let them work standing up, moving, and interacting in their own ways. We will be guiding you on how to help them come back to the screen.
  • Meet with the therapist at the end of the session to receive further recommendations for skills to be generalized in the home setting. Suggestions and feedback are always welcome.

Here are some reviews from some of our parents:

I’m writing this email to feedback on VIP program which we started with my son Ilia 2 weeks ago. This is an absolutely incredible program which supports my son’s learning/ communicative needs even during this hard time of school’s closure. I was a bit worried at first how he would react to distance learning and whether he will cope with tasks given online, but from the very first training session he grabbed the concept and just greeted his teacher as if she was in the room. I was very surprised to know that every week I will receive not only detailed plan, but also complete kit to support this plan, this is just beyond any praise! The kit includes all the necessary supplies to support creative learning, and it’s so easy to prepare for every session. More than that it’s tailored to my child’s needs and interests! The team was so attentive to ilia’s liking of firefighting topic so that they created the whole set for math(addition), fun games in firefighting theme! Thank you for that! The program is also helpful for me as a parent to better understand my kid, learn his strengths and spend more quality time together having fun and lots of laughs! My son loves everyday sessions and looks forward to seeing his teacher and assistants and therapists! I can’t thank you enough for presenting this amazing opportunity to families who have to organize in- house schooling. Thank you to all the MI team and see you soon on the next session!

– Mum of 5 year old enrolled

I am sending you to tell you about my experience with the Virtual Program that Mind Institute started because of the recent situation of COVID-19 virus. As you know my son just joined in the middle of February 2020. So he spent only almost 1 month and then center was closed. To be honest I found real care from all the staff for the benefit of my son. The online lessons were difficult the first week but all the therapists worked hard with me and I learned a lot about how to deal with him and I come to know what type of toys are useful since you are sending us a weekly plan with all the resources needed. When I ask for something or have a concern all Mind Institute family is available to help. Thanks for your patience, hard work and support.

– Mum of 3 year old enrolleD

I would like to extend my appreciation to the entire team, for their work with the VIP program. The program has been very insightful, for me as a parent as I am able to understand better my son’s challenge’s in a study setting/ environment. The weekly packs that are sent to our home are well thought off and this has been a pleasure for him to discover each week. These are very uncertain times, for all of us. But together, we all make a difference and can come out stronger.

– Mum of 5 year old enrolled

I am glad that Leen is interacting smoothly and efficiently with virtual learning. Considering Leen’s difficulty in transitioning and adapting to new environments/people, I never expected it to work. Also that it takes place at home and within Leen’s comfort zone, I expected Leen to object. Yet, she adapted with little tantrums or fuss. In my opinion, the most beneficial part of the teletherapy program is that Leen didn’t stop learning. Instead of just being locked at home at this pandemic period, she is making the best use of her time. We can clearly say that she is more interested in letters, words and making sentences. She is still in LOVE with water activities and any learning that includes sensory tools, like finding letters from a pile of rice. She liked matching and opposites. And she loved the wooden sight words puzzle. And you know what is her best, Reading time! I have a book worm here. Thank you for your patience. You have played a big role in her adaptation. You know how to introduce the activity and how to reintroduce it, if she somehow objected doing it at some point. I am so happy that her skills are continuously thriving. Teletherapy has come to us as a rescue.


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