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Academic Program


MCSN will follow the same program as the student’s school. The first step would be to create the student’s IEP (Individualized Educational Plan). This written plan is developed, reviewed, and revised by our special educators and therapists. IEP results from an extensive process to ensure that students with disabilities have appropriate educational planning to accommodate their unique instructional needs.  


MCSN requires that parents be informed of their child’s progress regularly. Progress is reported quarterly. Parents and school feedback is essential to determine if the student is progressing during the year, to ensure that the IEP is consistent with the student’s academic needs. This will be discussed and IEPs will be revised as appropriate.

Occupational and Physical Therapy Program

The Occupational and Physical Therapy program at Mind Center for Special Needs prepares students to improve their skills to fulfill their roles as students. Our Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists support objectives including: 

  • social skills
  • math
  • reading and writing
  • behavior management
  • participation in recess and  physical education
  • navigation throughout the school
  • self-help skills
  • prevocational/vocational participation

Our objective is to facilitate student access to curricular and extracurricular activities through  a multi-sensory approach, which provides; support, adaptations, modifications, and planning to their daily routine. If your child is enrolled in a school,  our practitioners will play a critical role in training your child’s classroom teachers and other staff members to support your child with unique fine and gross motor needs.  Our program includes one on one and small-group support. We help children generalize skills across different settings.

Speech and Language Therapy Program

The Speech and Language Pathology program at Mind Center for Special Needs prepares students to improve their communication skills and will address dysphagia needs(eating drinking and swallowing). Our Speech Pathologists support objectives including: 

  • social skills
  • listening and attention
  • Makaton
  • reading and understanding
  • expressive skills
  • behavior management
  • participation in group games and social activities 
  • transition between lessons and activities throughout the day
  • self-help and problem solving skills
  • prevocational/vocational participation
  • Augmentative Alternative Communcation (AAC)

Our Speech and Language Pathologists at Mind Center for Special Needs are committed to providing a well structured and constructive environment to facilitate each child’s ability to communicate their needs, understand their environment and support any health concerns around the management of food and drink.. Our holistic approach builds confidence, improves social interaction, and feeding skills and increases independence. Through one on one and small-group sessions and supporting your child at his/her school, we help our students generalize skills across different settings.

Behavioral Program

When a student comes to MCSN, he/she will receive a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA). FBA is a collection of information that is put together to help understand our students. Information collected includes interviews, behavior checklists, and classroom observations from the student’s school. From this assessment, we develop a Positive Behavior Support Plan (PBSP). PBSP helps us understand our students and provide positive ways to teach appropriate behaviors and minimise inappropriate behaviors. 

If our student is not making progress, then we revise the PBSP and try different strategies. The PBSP is an internationally recognized systematic program that provides a framework to develop quality positive behavior support. PBSP focuses on teaching skills, minimising behaviors, rewarding appropriate behaviors, and consistent consequences for challenging behaviors.

Mental Health Program

MCSN has a mental health program that supports each student’s educational goals and helps them become healthy. Our clinical psychologists and our Applied Behavioral Analysts work alongside our special educators to help each student and his/her family reach their goal; a successful return to school or independence. We develop a holistic “treatment plan” in collaboration with Mind Institute Clinic, which always includes family members, therapists, and school teachers. 

We believe that for our students to show progress on his/her treatment goals and objectives, our therapeutic care has to be delivered consistently and in collaboration with the family. Therefore, consistency in attendance is imperative to the success of any treatment plan. Some of the conditions and problems we address are depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, Attention Deficit Disorder, and trauma.

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