Mind’s Transitional Program for 14 Years old and above

Our center provides three programs; the academic program, the speech language therapy program, the occupational and physical therapy program,  the behavioral program, and the mental health support program. Depending on the individual’s assessment results, he/she will receive highly specialized and intense instructional services. Our services are offered either 1:1 or in a group setting with a 1:3 student to staff ratio to ensure each student receives the tailored attention needed to reduce frustration and foster success. 

All students will have access to the following:

  • Evidence based practice, which enables the team to evaluate and understand the effectiveness of the support given, as well as include the student in their therapeutic plan.
  • Professional and trained Special Educator and paraprofessional.
  • Licensed allied health therapists, including speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, applied behavior analysts, sensory integration services, cognitive behavior therapy, and much more.
  • Mental health program that provides the intensive treatment. Our program uses a skill-based approach, including emotional management and problem-solving. Through cognitive behavior therapy, students will improve their perception of self, situations, and events around them. 
  • Transitional and pre-vocational programs for those preparing to return to school or move towards independence.

Mind Transitional Program (MTP)

The Mind Transitional Program (MTP) was developed to improve transition programming for students with multiple disabilities from the ages of 14 and above. Successful transition to an active post-secondary life is achieved through a comprehensive array of academic and therapeutic services. Through our own center-based career simulations and real vocational settings developed in partnership with locally based businesses and corporates, customized programs are created utilizing a functional approach to academic and pre-vocational achievement. Educational and therapeutic goals and objectives are set together and delivered in an integrated model by a highly collaborative team of professionals. The MTP team is comprised of Special Education Teachers, Transition Coordinators, Counselors, Speech

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