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All children can benefit from the exercise, energy release, and pure enjoyment of playing sports. This includes children with special needs. About 9 in 50 children in the U.S. have a disability or chronic health problem. Children with special needs are sometimes not encouraged to exercise. Their parents or guardians may fear they’ll get hurt....
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General When handwriting and reading are difficult for a student, it is important to separate the two tasks. A student shouldn’t work on their handwriting while working on their reading skills. If a student’s handwriting affects their ability to participate in reading activities, then teachers should provide them with tools to accommodate this difficulty. A...
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1. Match the cards Age: 3 to 5 years Benefits: Memory, concentration and social skills Suitable for: Speech and Language Delay, Learning Disability Memory matching cards are easily available in the market. You can play this simple game by arranging pairs of matching cards face down in random order. You and your child can take turns...
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You might not realize how many skills you employ regularly as you go through your daily lives. This could be because you may not have broken a sweat learning how to do simple everyday tasks such as eating, dressing yourself, or maintaining your personal hygiene. But for children with special needs, these life skills may be...
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